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Healthy Service Enrollment Form

Please fill in all fields as thoroughly as possible. All information is kept STRICTLY confidential, we do not sell mailing lists or cross promote. We respect your business.

•Non-disclosure pertaining to any of the required information will / can result in a withdrawal of the
•For Certification reliability purposes, all Certifications are required to be submitted for reassessment on an annual basis for which a fee will be charged. If information requested, or the appropriate fee is not submitted the Certification will be withdrawn.
•Healthy Service does not accept any liability for any loss, cost, expense, liability or damage of any nature suffered by the restaurant, staff, clients or any third party as a result of a reliance on this Certification.
•In the interests of maintaining standards Healthy Service reserves the right to inspect any Certified Restaurant and may withdraw Certification if it deems any of the Healthy Service Standards are not being met.
•Should Healthy Service Certify a Restaurant, they would be expected to adhere to set standards for the use of the Healthy Service name and logo.
•Should Healthy Service Certify a Restaurant, they would be expected to ensure that the Healthy Service disclaimer be made available upon customer request.
• Healthy Service has the right to verify any information supplied on this document, including information pertaining to individuals.
• Healthy Service must be informed immediately of any product or business variation or alteration or change in services.
• Healthy Service must be informed immediately of any legal action or health based complaint made against the business or employees.
•All uses of the Healthy Service logo must receive approval before use/publication.

By clicking "Submit" you attest that you are an authorized representitive of this restaurant and agree to the terms set forth above.

Thank you for committing to Healthy Service! You will be contacted within one business day. Your service contact is Marcie Sapp -